Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Little Goal Update

This past week, I've had a hard time keeping on track with my goals. I'm going to just do a little self-evaluation (in words rather than check marks) here so that I can reacquaint myself with the reasons I decided to do this in the first place.

1. Improve sleep schedule. 
The things I wanted to do here were get up at 8:30 every day, try to go to sleep as soon as reasonably possible, and get eight hours of sleep. I think I've done pretty well on getting 8 hours. The others, not so much. However, I DID get up at 8:30 this morning even though I really didn't want to, and I was so glad I did.

2. Eat healthy. 
As far as desserts, I've pretty much bombed this one. As far as portion control, I've done better; I'm really trying to think about how I feel, asking myself, "Am I hungry? Do I really need more?" This past weekend we went on a trip and ate at a restaurant. We were about to go sightseeing on foot, so there was no possibility of taking leftovers with us. My meal was delicious and I ate a little more than I probably should have, but once I started really getting full, I actually left the rest on my plate. Left it on the plate! Just walked out of the restaurant and didn't even finish! It goes against my upbringing of "always clean your plate," but my body was happier afterward.
I've also been a lot more conscious of eating more fruits and vegetables by trying to get my "five-a-day." I don't always get the full five servings, but I'm definitely eating more fresh produce than I used to.

3. Drink more water. 
I'm not as conscious of this one as I was hoping, but I'm definitely doing better. I'm trying to get a drink every time I pass a water fountain (which on campus is pretty often), and drinking water with every meal. I'm doing pretty well with this one and hopefully I'll continue to get better.

4. Exercise more. 
This week isn't as good, so far, as other weeks, but I'm doing pretty well! I've been doing Zumba twice a week since I found out it was free at a place near me. It's so much fun! I do want to exercise three times a week, not twice, (for an hour each time), so I'm also trying to do Cardio X from P90X one day a week. This week I failed at doing it on the day I usually do (Tuesday). There's still time, though.

5. Love my body! 
I've really, really been trying on this one. To me, it's the most important. It's only been recently that I've started to give in to the prevailing idea that a woman must hate her body if it's not completely perfect in every way. But in the past week, I've realized that loving my body is absolutely key to my physical health. If I hate my body, I'll only abuse it. If I love it, I'll do what's best for it and give it what it needs. I've finally gotten it into my skull that my body is part of me, and I can't truly love myself if I hate my body.

Well, this has been good! As I've been writing this, I've realized that I really have been doing better on my resolutions than I've realized. And I feel motivated to do even better than before!

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